Jörn's Voice


NoSleep podcast

Jörn Meyer is off to a solid start as a narrator. He is able to combine high quality audio with an excellent speaking voice. His willingness to learn and adapt shows an outstanding ability to take direction. He is prompt with his work and provides excellent communication to ensure the project is exactly what the producer is looking for.

It was a pleasure working with Jörn on The Nosleep Podcast and I recommend him highly to other producers looking for quality narration.

David Cummings, host and producer of the NoSleep podcast


I had the pleasure to work with Jörn on his voice for about 3 years. Although we just worked on his singing skills I can surely say that his voice in general grew a lot.

He was always more than enthusiastic about discovering new things and that was what it made fun to work with.

It's a bit sad that we're not working on the music anymore, but when I'm listening to the "storyteller" I totally understand?

I'm enjoying Jörn's voice and the manner in which he's creating pictures while reading... and that even in English.

I'd like to hear you in German too, Jörn, as much as I appreciate your will to improve the English pronounciation...this fact brings us to the point that this boy surely has no fears to follow new challenges and exactly this braveness and depth in personality makes a story lively and fun to listen to.

In total we have:

  1. A good, deep and full voice
  2. Good expression
  3. A sympathic man with whom it's fun to work with and
  4. good recording quality!

Go go, Jörn, I want more!

Saskia Buggert, my singing teacher and vocal coach